Memorials Committee  The Memorials Committee encourages and assists family giving through memorials.  This group works with family members to purchase memorials for the deceased, prepares the All Saints Sunday Remembrance Service and the Memorial Sunday Service, and produces a list of the church’s needs for the congregation semi-annually.  Members are encouraged to be informed of the various potential gifts and keep an open mind to requests that are made.  Meetings are held as needed.

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What is a Memorial?

A memorial is a contribution one makes in memory of a person who has died.  To give a gift in another’s memory is to express the respect and love that continues beyond death.  West Des Moines United Methodist Church encourages memorial giving as a part of one’s Christian stewardship.  The Memorial Committee seeks to assist persons in giving memorials by providing information and suggestions.

A memorial may be established through the Memorial Committee in one of the following ways:
1.  You may contribute a memorial gift directly to West Des Moines United Methodist Church.  The Memorial Committee will then send a card to the family of the bereaved indicating that a memorial gift has been given by you.
2.  You may give your memorial gift directly to the family, who may then establish a memorial through our Memorial Committee.

Memorial contributions are deposited in a special Memorial Fund Account, where they remain until used to purchase a memorial.  Your gift may be designated for a specific purpose, or, if you leave it undesignated for more than six months, its use will be left to the discretion of the Memorial Committee.  If there are stipulations, specific limitations or expectations regarding a particular memorial, they must be reviewed and accepted by the Board of Trustees.  If for whatever reason, the Trustees feel the stipulations cannot be honored, the gift will not be accepted.

Twice each year the congregation recognizes new memorial gifts and formally dedicates them.  Family members are invited to be present for the dedication of their memorial.  Memorial gifts are recorded in the Memorial Records Book and an engraved leaf, showing the name and year of birth and death, will be installed on the memorial tree display in the church narthex.

The Memorial Committee invites you to consider memorial giving as a way of honoring those special people who have enriched your life.