State Fair Stand

Celebrating Our 70th Year!

Sign up to work at the State Fair Stand, August 7 – 19.

West Des Moines United Methodist is a caring community of faith that welcomes individuals from all walks of life. You are invited to join us this Sunday for a time of praise, fellowship and contemplation as we celebrate our Savior and explore the mysteries of faith.


Thanksgiving in July Food Drive

The Des Moines Area Religious Council (DMARC) is seeing something alarming – double-digit and consecutive increases in usage of its Food Pantry Network. However, with no parallel increase in contributions, they have the perfect storm, and they do not see an end in...

Win a Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the Butter Cow Exhibit

Volunteer to work at the WDMUMC State Fair Food Stand and win a tour to see the Butter Cow like you never have before. Discover what happens behind the scenes and unlock some secrets with a special tour conducted by Sarah Pratt, the Butter Cow artist. You will...

June 25-29 Volunteers Needed

We need help moving pews, stripping & sealing the sanctuary floor. Email Robert at rbayse@wdmumc.org to help.


“Midweek and Still Practicing Heaven” Pastor Cindy 07/19/2018

Good morning!  Last week I asked you to “practice heaven.”  How’s it going? I believe heaven is a place where we are fully immersed in God’s love.  So that’s what I have been practicing.  I am assuming heaven is all around and I just have to open myself to it.  It has...

“Practice Heaven!” Pastor Cindy’s Devotion 07/12/2018

Good morning friends, This Sunday we will continue our sermon series, Kid Talk, what children can teach us about God, faith, and the church.  This Sunday the topic is heaven.  Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven belongs to children.  What do you think he meant?  So,...

“The Little Food Pantry” Jane Beeman 07/11/2018

Dear God, Thank you for filling my life with blessings.  You have given me everything I need and so much more.  Thank you for your son Jesus, for loving me, and for providing all the things I need in this life.  Help me to let your light and love shine through me...