Vacation Bible School

July 15-19, 6:00-8:00 PM

West Des Moines United Methodist is a caring community of faith that welcomes individuals from all walks of life. You are invited to join us this Sunday for a time of praise, fellowship and contemplation as we celebrate our Savior and explore the mysteries of faith.


Win a Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the Butter Cow Exhibit

Volunteer to work at the WDMUMC State Fair Food Stand and win a tour to see the Butter Cow like you never have before. Discover what happens behind the scenes and unlock some secrets with a special tour conducted by Sarah Pratt, the Butter Cow artist. You will...

June 25-29 Volunteers Needed

We need help moving pews, stripping & sealing the sanctuary floor. Email Robert at rbayse@wdmumc.org to help.


“My To-Do List?” Pastor Cindy’s Devotion 06/10/18

In last week’s midweek, I presented God with my to-do list and I asked God to bless it.  Prayer is really a conversation.  We should listen at least as much as we talk.   Curious things happen when I pray AND listen.  Here’s today’s prayer. Dear God, Are you grinning...

“Why Are We Friends?” Pastor Cindy’s Devotion 06/05/2018

Good morning! Here at West Des Moines United Methodist Church, we are right in the middle of a three-week sermon series about friendship.  I hope you are celebrating what an ingenious God-designed invention friendship is. A few weeks ago I was with a friend and we...