Come as you are.  We honor and welcome the diversity you bring.

The 05/09/2021 Sunday Service beginning at 9:25 a.m.  DOWNLOAD the bulletin.


Videos from our staff.

Pastor Cindy's In Touch Video

Click to view Pastor Cindy’s most recent In Touch video. Updated 05/03

Pastor Trevor's In Touch Video

Click to view Pastor Trevor’s most recent In Touch video. Updated 02/08

Music with Kenton Videos

Listen to our Music Director, Kenton Jordan. Updated 01/30


Ash Wednesday Vigil – February 17

Is the world the paradise God hoped for? Are we each so filled with love that there is no room in us for anything else? Clearly, the answer is no. Ash Wednesday is a 6me to remember that our faith is a journey we share together. On Wednesday, February 17, the...

In-person worship beginning February 21

We have decided to move our return to in-person worship to Sunday, February 21st. If you have registered already, you will automatically be registered for the 21st. If you won’t be able to make it to worship, let me know! We have 17/25 seating units reserved. If you...


“Midweek: An After Easter Prayer” Pastor Cindy’s Devotion

Lord of Our After-Easter Days, I want to hold on to Easter for a while. I want to remember the moment when the stone rolled away.  I want to experience it like a weight lifted off our hearts.  I want to stare into an empty tomb and know you have gathered up all that...

“God Has Plans For Easter” Pastor Cindy’s Devotion

Friends, As you can imagine, we are pretty busy here planning for Easter Services.  We will have three in-person services, one on-line, and we will live stream.  And that is just Sunday.  Good Friday we will worship at noon and 7:00 pm and post our on-line service at...