Come as you are.  We honor and welcome the diversity you bring.

Sunday Worship Service at 9:00 a.m.

You can attend the 9:00 a.m. service or it can be viewed via Livestream on this website or on Facebook.  If you are busy on Sunday morning, you can view the worship service later by going to Sermons at the bottom of this page. Click HERE to see this week’s Order of Worship.


Lenten Bible Studies —There are 3 opportunities for Bible Study during Lent. All of the classes will be studying “Luke Jesus and the Outsiders, Outcasts and Outlaws” by Adam Hamilton. Through Luke’s stories, we find Jesus’s care and compassion for all as He welcomes sinners and outcasts.
Pastor Andrea will lead a class on Sundays at 10:30 in the Pray It Forward classroom starting on Sunday, February 26.
Don Elly will lead a class on Wednesday nights at 5:00 pm in the café. This class will start on March 1.
Pastor Andrea will lead a class on Wednesdays at noon in the café. This class will start on March 1.
The Mits Wits class will start the study on Sunday, March 5.
Books are available at the church. The cost is $15.



Get a new shirt with the WDM UMC mission statement and the bell tower on it! Premium unisex t’s, hoodies, v-neck t’s, sweatshirts, and youth t’s, in royal blue, purple rush,  red, and cardinal. All funds from our shirt sale will go to our Argentina Mission Trip.

Sweets Sale December 11

Mark your calendars for December 11! UWF is making plans for its annual “Sweet Sale.” You’ll be able to purchase homemade candy and other sweets for your Christmas and Holiday gatherings. So if you love making holiday sweets/candies, bring out those recipes. All...


“Ask” Pastor Jordan Derhammer-Capek 02/05/2023

"Ask" is the title of Pastor Jordan Derhammer-Capek's message. This is the fourth in our sermon series on prayer. God is not a vending machine. You just can't drop in a quarter, punch A4, and get what you want. Pastor Jordan explains the "Palms Up, Palms Down" method...

“Rejoice” Pastor Andrea Kraushaar 01/29/2023

"Rejoice" is the third in our sermon series on prayer. One of the most powerful things about praying the Book of Psalms (as opposed to merely reading them) is that they can hijack your day in a really good way.

“Pause” Pastor Andrea Kraushaar 01/22/2023

"Pause" is the second sermon in our prayer series. Silence is a challenging practice with prayer. Silence is probably the most counter-cultural prayer tool. Jesus' example of going to a solitary place challenges us to actively turn down the volume in our lives.