Please come join us.  We are a mix of adult men and women, singles and couples between the ages of 40 and “we don’t ask”. MITS-WITS meets in the Wesley Center 9:50 to 10:50 a.m. on Sundays.

This adult Sunday School class with the funny name started in 1972.  MITS-WITS is an acronym for “Man in the Street and Woman in the Street.”  Jack Clark, one of our founding members, had read Language in Action and Thought written by S.I. Hayakawa, who was inspired by Lillian Lieber.  She established MITS and his wife WITS to represent average citizens.  While Lieber used MITS-WITS to explain mathematics and relativity and Hayakawa borrowed them to illustrate how the “Niagara of Words” impacts the behavior of individuals, we liked Hayakawa’s explanation of how individuals learn and adapt by cooperating and sharing knowledge with each other.   The class felt it symbolized the group’s desire that all prospective members would be welcome in this class.  We would also be the same people at church and at our socials as we were in the rest of our daily lives.  We became family to each other, enjoying inexpensive (but sometimes elaborate) socials, often with children present, and learning through Sunday School programs that covered a wide variety of topics.  Over time we have come to think of it as also standing for “Man in the Search – Woman in the Search” – Christian men and woman searching and stretching their faith as they integrate it into their daily lives.