Adult Missions

Adult Mission Trip to Cuba

On June 15-21, 2019 our mission adult mission team took a trip to Cuba. We returned to the same church that we visited in January 2017.

The goal for our mission was to renew connections between our two congregations through fellowship and shared worship experiences.  To support the Cuban people in their struggle to grow their church in a challenging environment.  And to learn and experience the Cuban culture and share our stories of successes and challenges faced by our church.  We had great success.

Adult Mission Trip to Detroit

The Adult Mission Team went to Detroit to serve our brothers and sisters from June 23rd through June 30th.

Pastor Cindy Hickman, Jane Beeman, Beth Dorsett, Leah Freig, Paul Gesell, Warren Holder, Linda Plummer, Sue Smith, Marnie Stein, Jo Taylor, Annette Wildin, and Don Elly.


Founded by Charlie Strong and his wife Angela in 2003, Strong Missions is an interdenominational, non-profit, Christian organization that offers programs to help the people of Costa Rica and Nicaragua, especially children and families, gain the basic resources necessary for a healthy life.  Strong Missions also provides a turn-key mission experience bringing groups safe and affordable, fully organized mission/adventure trips.

Strong Mission’s mission is to develop communities in Latin America through sustainable strategies of local investment that break the cycle of poverty, reduce delinquency, reduce social risk, and change global perspectives. Key elements of Strong Missions strategy are to break the cycle of poverty are the promotion of education, the establishment of feeding centers for children, and providing extracurricular activities.

In January 2014 a team of twelve people from WDMUMC spent a week in central Costa Rica working with Strong Missions on several of their projects. These included working at a children’s feeding center, construction of a new classroom and kitchen area at a Methodist church, construction a rural school, and assisting with Vacation Bible School at another church.

Strong Missions is currently facing some major financial pressures and is need of help. At its March meeting, the Mission Team voted to donate $800 to assist Strong Mission in their continuing efforts to improve people’s lives. For more information or to donate, go to  You can also find them on Facebook.