Leadership Roster

January – December 2018

West Des Moines United Methodist Church


Church Council – The Church Council establishes policies for the administration of the church; is the primary administrative body for Church Conference; and monitors all ministries of the congregation, holding them accountable to the Vision and Mission of the church.  Additionally, this group approves and presents the annual budget to the Church Conference and directs the administrative committees as necessary.  Members attend meetings, stay current with the state of church activities, and act as church leaders.  Meetings are the fourth Monday – Bi-monthly.


Church Council Membership:                                         Current                                     

Chairperson                                                                             Gary Norton

Vice Chairperson                                                                    Sue Brownlee (?)

Secretary                                                                                 Position Open

Pastor                                                                                      Rev. Cindy Hickman

Lay Leaders                                                                            Gary Kummet, Mike Powers, Cindy Willson

Lay Members to Conference                                                  Kathy Williams,  Ginny Frazee, Linda Plummer, Anne Elly

UMW President                                                                      Louise McDonald, Sue Smith


Administrative Committee Chairpersons:

Administrative Leadership Committee                       Gary Norton 

Board of Trustees    (Elects own)                               Tom Suckow 

Child and Youth Safety Policy Committee                Position Open

Early Childhood Education Committee                     Jayne Leuang Van

Endowment Board (Elects own)                                Position Open

Finance Committee                                                     Carol Litscher

Leadership Development Committee                         Pastor Cindy Hickman

Memorial Committee                                                  Nancy Sample

Staff Parish Relations Committee                              Colleen Kummet

Stewardship Committee                                             Rosanne Rose, Jenny Blackford

Ministry Team Leaders:

Adult Ministry Team                                                  Position Open

Children’s Ministry Team                                           Kathy Jacobson

Coffee Fellowship Team                                             Position Open

College Relations Team                                              Jenny Daby

Communion Team                                                       Dan & Janet Hayes

Library Team                                                               Bert Kirkwood

Missions Team                                                            Marnie Stein

Web Team                                                                   Mike Plymale

Welcoming Team                                                        Louise McDonald

Worship Coordinating Council                                   Kathy Gilbert-Gallinger, Dick Terp

Youth Ministry Team                                                  Position Open

Program, Administrative and Volunteer Staff


Administrative Committee Membership


Administrative Leadership Committee – Comprised of the Church Council Chair and Vice Chair; Chairpersons of SPRC, Board of Trustees, Finance and Stewardship Committees; the Lay Leaders, Pastors and the Director of Administration (as needed).  This committee will be chaired by the Church Council Chairperson and will serve as a consulting group, not as a decision-making group.  This committee will meet one hour prior to Church Council meetings on the fourth Monday of every other month. 

Chairperson: Gary Norton                 Vice-Chair:  Sue Brownlee  (?)

Members:      Tom Suckow (Trustees), Carol Litscher (Finance), Colleen Kummet (SPRC), Rosanne
Rose/Jenny Blackford (Stewardship), Gary Kummet (Lay Leader), Mike Powers (Lay
Leader), Cindy Willson (Lay Leader), Pastor Cindy Hickman, Rachel Olson 


Board of Trustees – The Board of Trustees supervises and maintains all property belonging to the church.  This group oversees the maintenance, inventory and general upkeep of all church property, reporting on status to the Church Conference.  Members of this group submit annual budget requests for maintenance, improvement, and expansion of the Finance Committee, maintain an inventory of furnishings, ensure adequate insurance coverage of all property and revise maintenance and repair policies.  Meetings are the fourth Tuesday of the month. (Elects own officers)


Chairperson: Tom Suckow      Vice-Chair: Anita Kiene        Secretary: Rotates


 2018                                                        2019                                              2020

 Tom Suckow                                          Don McNutt                            Berneda Franson

Dennis Sibert                                         Libby Powers                          Anita Kiene

Jack Clark                                                                                                 Brian Helland



Finance Representative:  Marlene Sullivan

Lay Leader: Gary Kummet

Staff:  Pastor Cindy Hickman, Rachel Olson, Robert Bayse


 Child and Youth Safety Policy Committee – The Child and Youth Safety Committee administers and implements The Child and Youth Safety Policy and recommends changes to the Church Council.  This group maintains the policy, communicates it to the congregation, administrates changes, and equips leaders to enforce the policy.  Meetings are quarterly or as needed.


Chairperson:     Position Open

Members:          Vance Cunningham

Legal Counsel:  Gary Norton

Staff:                 Pastor Cindy Hickman, Nancy Setchell


 Early Childhood Education Committee (ECEC) – This committee oversees the operation of the Preschool Programs.  The Preschool is designed for children 18 months – 5 years old.  The ECEC is made up of Preschool Parents as well as church liaisons, including a pastor and representatives from the Staff Parish Relations Committee, Trustees, and Finance.  The Iowa Department of Human Services, which licenses the Preschool, requires all licensed programs to have parent representatives on their “Preschool Board”.  Meetings for this committee are four times per year.  Members make a three-year commitment to serve on the committee.  (Elects own officers in August)                         


Chairperson: Jayne Leuang Van                     Vice Chair:  Amy Borness


   2015-2018                                                 2016-2019                                              2017-2020

Cathy Bormann                                          Lizzy Dixon                                         Michelle Grother

Dana Dickson                                            Katie Kelly                                           Katie Kelley

Jessica Feeney                                            Jennifer Bast                                        Ramya Perumal

Jayne Leuang Van                                     Kathrine Bretz

Ali McRoberts-Makris                               Megan Daniels

Jessica Feeney

Hillary Freeman



Children’s Team:  Erika Jurkiewicz

Finance:                 TBD

Lay Leader:           Cindy Willson

Staff:                     Nancy Setchell, Sarah Jacobson


 Endowment Board – The Endowment Board fulfills the objectives set forth in the charter and by-laws of the WDMUMC Endowment Fund.  The Endowment Board oversees the investments, promotes the growth of the fund and distributes the earnings from the fund for the benefit of the church.  Members of this group attend Endowment Board meetings and direct the work of the Board. The Board reports to the Church Council.  Meetings are held as needed. (Elect own officers)


Chairperson: Position Open                Vice-Chair: Position Open           Treasurer: Larry Sample


        2018                                 2019                                2020                                   2021

 Greg Fitts                         Jenny Blackford            Ken Ferguson                     Kay Rosene

Bob Meyer                       Larry Sample                Berneda Franson                 Dick Terp

Kristen Kouba                     Russ Dent


Church Council Chair:    Gary Norton

Finance Rep:                   TBD

Planned Hostess:             Lois McBroom

Stewardship Rep:            Rosanne Rose or Jenny Blackford

Trustee Rep:                    Gene McCoy

Memorial Rep:                Jack Clark
Lay Leader:                     Mike Powers

Staff (Sr. Pastor):            Pastor Cindy Hickman


Finance – The Finance Committee provides proper stewardship of the church’s financial resources to implement the Church Council’s vision and priorities.  They monitor and manage the financial health of the church, including the annual preparation of an operating budget to be approved by the Annual Church Conference.  When required for general operating needs or specific projects, such as Property Acquisition, they will seek competing bids for loans and other financial services from financial institutions serving the community and approve such services.  This group communicates the church’s financial condition to the congregation.  They create and use appropriate forms of financial reports and monitor compliance with financial internal controls to safeguard church funds, ensure the integrity of the financial reports and confirm compliance with the IRS, Iowa Conference of the United Methodist Church (“Iowa Annual Conference”) and other requirements.  Meetings are the third Tuesday of the month.


Chairperson: Carol Litscher      Vice-Chair:  Sue Brownlee


      2018                                                           2019                                                          2020

Marlene Sullivan                                         Larry Sample                                           Bill Kloewer

Roger Anderson                                          John DeVries                                           Derek Grittmann

Greg Fitts                                                     Lesley Montgomery                               Jason Siemens



Chair Church Council:      Gary Norton

Trustees Representative:   Anita Kiene

SPRC Representative:      Colleen Kummet

Stewardship Rep:              Rosanne Rose or Jenny Blackford

Lay Leader:                       Mike Powers

Staff:                                 Pastor Cindy Hickman, Rachel Olson, Tonia Mateer


 Leadership Development Committee – This committee was previously called the Committee on Lay Leadership.  This committee invites, nominates and supports people for leadership positions for the ministries of our church and recruits people to serve as leaders in the organizational structure of the church.  Members of this group identify leadership positions, study the responsibilities of each position, assist in developing job descriptions, become familiar with members of the congregation, contact well-suited individuals, and guide the pairing of individuals with specific leadership positions.  The group provides leadership training in January for new members of all committees and teams.  Meetings are the fourth Tuesday of each month.              


Chairperson:  Pastor Cindy Hickman                  Vice-Chair: Position Open



       2018                                                            2019                                              2020
 Kathy Gilbert Gallinger                                 Sue Nielsen                                   Mary Terp

Derek Grittmann                                            Sandy Law                                    Sharon Sibert

Linda Vinson                                                 Craige Wrenn                                Larry Johnson



Lay Leader:  Gary Kummet

Staff:             Pastor Cindy Hickman


 Memorials Committee – The Memorials Committee encourages and assists family giving through memorials.  This group works with family members to purchase memorials for the deceased, prepares the All Saints Sunday Remembrance Service and the Memorial Sunday Service, and produces a list of the church’s needs for the congregation semi-annually.  Members are encouraged to be informed of the various potential gifts and keep an open mind to requests that are made.  Meetings are held as needed.


Chairperson: Nancy Sample                       


         2018                                                            2019                                                          2020

Nancy Sample                                              Donna Johnson                                      Diana Anderson

Sarah Overton                                              Harold Millard                                       Donna Pratt

Sam Kranovich                                            Marilyn Mullin                                      Dawn Grittmann



Church Council Chair:            Gary Norton

Trustee Representative:          Jack Clark

Lay Leader:                             Mike Powers

Staff:                                       Pastor Cindy Hickman, Rachel Olson


Staff Parish Relations Committee – The Staff Parish Relations Committee works with the pastors to ensure a strong ministry in our church and oversees the work of the entire staff.  This group discusses with the pastors any conditions affecting the total church ministry, staying informed about job conditions, the status of paid staff members and the views and feelings of the congregation in regard to staff leadership.  Members of this group make recommendations concerning staff salary and benefits, evaluate the pastors and make recommendations to the Church Council regarding policy and procedures for hiring, promoting and dismissing staff.  Meetings are the first Tuesday of the month.


Chairperson: Colleen Kummet                    Vice-Chair: Position Open


         2018                                                                2019                                                       2020

Ralph Pantoga                                                   Ken Ferguson                                       Phyllis Clark

Linda Holz                                                        James Montgomery                              Colleen Kummet

Sandy Smith                                                     Anne Elly                                             Lisa Mitchell


Lay Member to IAC:  Kathy Williams

Lay Leader:                Cindy Willson

Staff:                           Pastor Cindy Hickman


 Stewardship The Stewardship Committee develops an ongoing program to support the five areas of stewardship: Prayers, Presence, Witness, Gifts, and Service.  This group pursues any ideas that will help to support stewardship, conducts the annual church financial drive, and conducts the ongoing Stewardship Education Program.  Members of this group attend Stewardship meetings and work to implement the committee’s programs.  Meetings are monthly, as determined by the group, with the bulk of the work and extra meetings occurring August through November.


Chairperson:  Rosanne Rose, Jenny Blackford, Co-Chairs   


            2018                                                            2019                                                     2020      

Rosanne Rose                                                 Kathy Salisbury                                  Jenny Blackford

Sam Kranovich                                               Michelle Plymale                                 Earline Harkins

Janet Goode                                                    Laurene Cunningham                         Evelyn Libby Arnot


Lay Leader:     Mike Powers

Finance Rep:   TBD

Staff:                Pastor Cindy Hickman, Tonia Mateer




Ministry Teams Membership


Adult Ministry Team – This team will work to provide for the faith, education, and fellowship needs of adults of all ages.  The primary focus will revolve around the Christian education program for adults, working to provide a variety of Sunday School and mid-week classes.  In addition, the team will develop small group opportunities for more focused groups, for example, Senior Adults, Singles, Divorce groups, Parenting, etc.  The team will recruit, assist, and follow up with volunteers that implement and conduct the programs.


Chairperson:  Position Open


Members:  Lesley Olson, Don Elly

Staff:         Pastor Cindy Hickman


Children’s Team – The Children’s Team addresses the needs of children through sixth grade and provides opportunities to enhance and nurture their spiritual, physical and emotional growth.  This group helps children worship, learn about God, serve their community and participate in fellowship.  Responsibilities include weekly Sunday School staffing & curriculum, Vacation Bible School program, the children’s Christmas Program, the Wednesday Night Live children’s programming, Holy Week activities, Nursery staffing, and recommendations for appropriate furnishings, decorations, toys & supplies for the children’s rooms.  Meetings are the first Tuesday of the month.


Chairperson:  Kathy Jacobson

Members:       Emily Maier, Kathy Jacobson, Erika Jurkiewicz, Lori Whitehead, Lindsey Sheeder
Beth Reese, Kristin Pawlowski, Nicki Siemens, Rachel Johnson, Sue Brownlee, Kim Butler, Rachel Kelderman

Staff:              Pastor Cindy Hickman, Sarah Jacobson


Christian Education Coordinating Council (CECC) – Christian Education Coordinating Council provides the overall coordination of the Christian Education programming.  The CECC Chair is elected by the annual charge conference.  The remaining members represent Children’s Ministry Team, Youth Team, Confirmation, College Relations, and Adult Ministries Team.  CECC sets the Wednesday Night Live and Sunday School schedules and administers the Christian Education budget. CECC meets the third Tuesday of each month.


Chairperson:  Jeff Butler
Members:       Jeff Butler, Jenny Daby, Kristen Kouba, Gary Norton, Kristin Pawlowski,
Mike Powers, Jerry Slagter, Darin Woodward

Lay Leaders:  Mike Powers
Staff:              Pastor Cindy Hickman


 Coffee Fellowship Team– This team organizes, directs, and monitors the coffee fellowship between services.  This group organizes and instructs volunteers to provide and serve cookies, stocks supplies for coffee and other beverages, submits expenses for reimbursement, and reminds volunteers of their commitment.  Meetings are on call as determined by the chair.


Chairpersons: Position Open
Members:       Judy Anderson, Marilyn Mullin, Kay Strauss, Mary Jo Lowry, Lois McBroom, Donna
Silio, Diana Silio, Delores Silio, Gail Rhodes, Julie Worth, Courtney Chabot Dryer, Sharon Woodward

Staff:              Pastor Cindy Hickman, Linda Plummer


*Midge Lewis and Phyllis Paulson will help.  Average cost of coffee–$25 will be deducted from coffee donations—groups who work fellowship time will keep whatever is over and above the average coffee cost.


College Relations Team – This team supports and communicates with college students, as well as promotes the Iowa United Methodist college Scholarship program. They update addresses of all college students at the beginning of each school year. The team sends seasonal notes and/or gift cards three times per year to remind the students that their church family at home is thinking of them. Birthday letters and graduation letters (as appropriate) add personalization in support of our college students. These letters are signed by the pastors, the program ministry staff and chairperson of College Relations committee. Committee members raise funds, in addition to the funding provided through regular church budget, to support this ministry. (Examples: By hosting fellowship coffee; and each spring, encouraging church members to sponsor a student by donating a gift card and signing a note to be sent during

“finals” week.)  Meetings and work sessions are held on an on-call basis, approximately five times per year.


Chairperson:  Jenny Daby

Members:      Jenny Daby, Sue Brownlee, Beth Slagter, Cindy Willson

Staff:              Pastor Cindy Hickman


 Communion Team – The Communion Team prepares and assists in serving communion usually the first Sunday of each month and on special occasions.  This group maintains the upkeep of items used for serving communion, organizes volunteers to serve communion and determines annual budget requests.  Meetings are scheduled by the coordinators as needed.  Additionally, the coordinators attend Worship Coordinating Council meetings.


Coordinators:  Dan & Janet Hayes

Members         Jack & Phyllis Clark, Jack & Helen Nicholson, Annette Wildin, Gene & Christy

McCoy, Mark & Cindy Willson, Chad & Jessi Reyna, Mike & Libby Powers,

Craige & Debbie Wrenn, Dan & Janet Hayes

Staff:               Pastor Cindy Hickman


Fine Arts Committee – The Fine Arts Committee is a subcommittee of the Endowment Board.  This committee oversees the E. Jane Ruby Fine Arts Endowment Fund, which provides for high-quality musical programs through the Music & More on Grand series. The mission of the Fine Arts Committee is to offer a variety of artistic events to enrich the faith journey.


Chairperson:  Tom Sletto

Members:       Jane Ruby, Berneda Franson, Libby Powers, Linda Holz
Staff:              Pastor Cindy Hickman


Library Team – The Library Team provides and maintains multimedia resources in the church library.  This group processes new books and other media as it comes into the church, promotes new materials within the congregation and assists in locating media resources.  Members of this group attend library meetings and maintain the hallway bulletin board.  Meetings are quarterly.


Chairperson:  Bert Kirkwood

Members:      Mary Terp, Carolyn Snell, Fran Kivett

Lay Leader:   Cindy Willson

Staff:              Pastor Cindy Hickman


 Missions Team – The Missions Team promotes a variety of programs at all levels intended to involve people of our church in hands-on ministry and change the lives of our own members as they serve others in Christ.  This group raises its own funds for projects through occasional special Sunday morning offerings.  Projects have included the Food Pantry, the Thanksgiving Ingathering, Habitat for Humanity, meals for the Eddie Davis Center as a part of the WDM C.O.G. (Churches Outreach Group) and collection of school supplies for our neighbor, Hillside School.   Meetings are the second Monday of the month.


Chairperson:   Marnie Stein                                          

Members:        Jane Beeman, Paul Gesell, Mark Willson, Marnie Stein, Susan Smith, Duane Daby, Earline Harkins, Janis Hill, Kay Julien-Gutu, Melissa Couch.

UMW Rep:     Judy Fredregill

Lay Leader:    Gary Kummet

Staff:               Pastor Cindy Hickman



United Methodist Women

Co-Presidents:   Louise McDonald, Sue Smith

Secretary:          Libby Powers

Treasurer:          Linda Holz

Lay Leader:      Cindy Willson

Staff:                 Pastor Cindy Hickman


 Web Team – The Web Team develops and maintains strategies for promoting our church and its ministries through the church’s Internet website.  This group is dependent on church staff and committees for information and/or drafts of publications.  Specific responsibilities include maintaining standards, exploring various infrastructures and media venues, providing creative input, and reviewing submitted publications.  Meetings are usually the second Tuesday of each month.


Chairperson:  Mike Plymale                                                                           

Members:       Mike Plymale, Kimberly Butler, Derek Grittmann

Lay Leader:   Gary Kummet

Staff:              Pastor Cindy Hickman, Rachel Olson


 Welcoming and Outreach Team: To create a welcoming atmosphere is one of the ministry pathways to accomplish the mission of our church. The Welcoming Committee is involved with this ministry in numerous ways. The committee coordinates volunteers to welcome all who enter our doors each Sunday. They prepare and present Welcome bags to all first-time guests. They maintain an awareness of the over-all welcoming environment of our church and continually explore ways to grow our welcoming and hospitality efforts. Meetings are on the second Tuesday of the month.              


Chairperson:  Louise McDonald

Members:      Shirley Riley, Bev McGrath, Mark Willson, Judy Anderson, Pam Wagner, Earline Harkins, Lois McBroom, Sue Smith, Louise McDonald

Lay Leader:   Gary Kummet

Staff:             Pastor Cindy Hickman, Linda Plummer


 Worship Coordinating Council – The Worship Coordinating Council supports, encourages, and directs leadership for worship services.  This group consults with the pastors in planning worship enhancements, incorporating various arts and traditions to enrich its practice, as well as conveying the meaning and purpose of worship and recruiting and training leaders within the different activities of worship.  Members of this group participate in worship meetings, volunteer for special projects and relay any observed concerns to the group.  Meetings are monthly on the second Tuesday of each month.


Chairperson:  Kathy Gilbert-Gallinger, Dick Terp

Members:       Barb Ferguson, Brent Kouba, Libby Powers, Sue Smith, Jenny Blackford, Justice

Emunah, Becky Daniels

Lay Leader:   Cindy Willson

Staff:              Pastor Cindy Hickman, Tom Sletto


The following coordinators are welcome to attend the Worship Coordinating Council’s regular meetings: 

Communion Coordinators:  Dan & Janet Hayes

Paraments:                            Shirley Riley, Marilyn Mullin, Judy Anderson, Barb Ferguson, Pam Wagner

Visuals:                                Berneda Franson, Libby Powers

Liturgist Coordinator:          Jenny Daby

Usher Coordinators:             Mike Meline 8:30 a.m. service; Position Open 11:00 a.m. svc.
Acolyte Coordinator:           Position Open

Sound Coordinators:            Scott Benton/Jerry Slagter


Youth Ministry Team Plans youth events (7th – 12th grade or ages 12-18) and takes responsibility to see that they occur.  This group offers students in grades seven through twelve opportunities to engage in study, worship, fellowship, and service in a fun and contemporary way to build a strong community of youth who will want to share their love of Christ with others.  Meetings are monthly


Chairperson:    Position Open

Members:        Darin Woodward, Jerry Slagter, Jeff Butler, Kim Butler

Staff:               Pastor Cindy Hickman

Lay Leader:     TBD