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Important Sunday School Change:

Beginning March 1st, West Des Moines United Methodist Church will be adding an additional Sunday worship service, shifting service times to 8, 9:30. and 11am. Because of this change, Sunday School will be shifting to run from 9:30-10:30. This will make Sunday School concurrent with our middle worship service. If you have any questions about this change, please feel free to contact Morganne Reinboldt. 

The Midweek Refuel is after-school and evening programs and activities that run September 25th through May. Activities include children’s choirs, bell choirs, dinner, and education opportunities. Each week on Wednesday, our church will be cooking up dinner favorites!  Come and join us for delicious home cooked food, fun, education, and amazing fellowship!  You don’t have to plan a meal, shop for the food, prepare the meal, or clean up.  Just come and take a break from the busy schedules and refuel.  Everyone is welcome here.

Midweek Connection: Wednesday Night Education

I am very excited that we have formulated a new, exciting way to engage in education together! This does mean that Wednesday night education will look a little different, but I believe that it has the potential to be a great ministry for West Des Moines.
We have decided to launch multigenerational education, called Midweek Connection, on Wednesday nights. Here is what it will look like:
·  Education for people of all ages (kindergarten-elderly)
·  We will all engage in our faith together, in small groups
·  Education time from 6:30-7
·  We will gather in the Wesley Center, right next to the dinner hall
·  Self-led small group activities at tables
·  Focus on community growth, and equipping disciples to go into the world
·  All activities preplanned and materials ready for you

·  As much or as little participation as you would like

I acknowledge that this is a very different educational model than we have engaged in in the past, but we believe that this educational model also provides great opportunities to grow and engage in faith together! We are so excited to see how we can engage in our faith together as a congregation and mentor one another on our faith journeys.
I am sure some of you have questions as to why this is changing, what exactly this will look like, and why we are so excited about it, so I encourage you to take a look at the attachment which will address big questions surrounding this change. As always, please feel free to email Morganne with any questions you have regarding this change:

March Sunday School Curriculum!

This month, we will learn what it means to truly forgive one another. We we dive into what God and the bible has to say about forgiveness, and work together to brainstorm how we can better forgive others. We will explore key questions like:

Why does forgiveness matter? 

What does it feel like to be forgiven? 

What is keeping you from forgiving? 

When has someone forgiven you?

What do you lose if you don’t forgive? 

Join us in March to explore what it means to truly forgive! 

Parent Cue App

Here at WDMUMC, we use a curriculum called ThinkOrange. This curriculum focuses a lot on the phases that our children go through and appeals to the questions they may be having about themselves, their faith, and their life. Through this curriculum, we have access to an app called ParentCue. You can download this app, find our church, and connect to the content that your child has been learning about, learn about what phase of life you child may be in, and have access to activities you can do with your child throughout the week to engage them in their faith. This is a great tool for parents! 

Morganne's Camp Song Sing Along Video

Click the picture to see the video of Morganne’s Camp Song Sing-Along. Updated 3/26

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Drop off/Pick up Policy

Parents must accompany children up to the third floor and drop their child off at their room. Parents must be present on the third floor for both pick up and drop off.

What Children's Education Classes do you have?

We have Children’s Education classes twice a week for children in pre-k through high school. Sunday school takes place from September-May between services. Sunday school meets from 10:00-10:50.

Wednesday nights we have a program called “Midweek connection”. This is multigenerational education. This provides a great opportunities for families to participate in faith together as well as engaging with other members of the congregation. This programming takes place from 6:30-7:00 on Wednesday nights after dinner.


When is Sunday School?

Sunday School takes place from 10:00-10:50 on Sunday mornings between services. Our children’s education takes place on the third floor. We also have adult education classes for adults of all ages. Please email Morganne with any questions:

Contact Information:

Director of Discipleship and Christian Education:

Morganne Reinboldt 515-279-0826 x 2150

Sunday School/Wednesday Night Superintendent: Alice Burress