Hello friends,

This is the last issue of the Midweek Devotion.  Thanks so much for listening for the last four years!

Sunday is the day we generally think about church and faith. That has faded a bit in our current culture where we will fill every day to the brim and Sunday Sabbath has been doubled booked with sports and shopping.  Even so, Sunday is still church day, even if that is more of a whisper than a shout. 

The Midweek Devotion generally came out on Wednesday, smack dap in the middle of the week.  Wednesday.  A work day.  Hump day.  Right in the middle of the hectic.  Sunday’s sanctuary prayers are long forgotten.  Wednesday, the day we set out our garbage in my neighborhood. Catch our breath and press on to Friday. 

The Midweek was my way of pausing and listening for what God might be saying in the middle of the week while I was wrapped up in practical work tasks.  It was a way of encountering God in my work, the morning after a committee meeting and the day before the bulletin was printed.   It was a way of opening my six-day-work-week life to my Sunday Sabbath God. 

In these last four years, God was always faithful.  There always seemed to be some message of grace waiting to be heard.  Patient God waiting while we do what seems so important.  Waiting while we complain that we are so busy and so tired. Offering calm and rest. If we just had the time. 

So thank you for joining with me and giving God a bit of our Wednesdays. I know that I can’t speak for God, I am oddly confident that God liked being in our thoughts right in the middle of the week.

God of the everyday. God looking over our shoulder when there are dishes in the sink. God watching while I scratch something off my to-do list. God present while we look for a child’s backpack on the way out the door to school. God in skipped meals. God standing nearby when our head hits the pillow.  Ever-present God in a too often too busy world.  

So on Wednesdays, we paused just for a few moments to breathe and notice.  God in it all.  Thank you for sharing in this.  

And thanks be to our every day, every moment, God. 


Pastor Cindy

Pastor Cindy Hickman

West Des Moines United Methodist Church
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West Des Moines Iowa 50265

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Happenings at WDMUMC

Remembering Gary    The memorial service for Gary Norton will be held on Saturday, June 19th at 11 am here at West Des Moines United Methodist Church.  The visitation will be held Friday night from 5-7 pm at Resthaven Funeral Home.  The burial will take place on Saturday before the memorial service for immediate family members only.  A luncheon will be held here at the church following the memorial service.  Please surround Barb and her family with your prayers of comfort and peace. 

STATE FAIR!  August in Iowa means the Iowa State Fair and it is time to sign up to work at the wdmumc state fair food stand!  We will need more volunteers than we have at our church. It is also time for all of us to do some creative recruiting!   Who can you recruit? 

  • Are you on Facebook?  Post the link on your Facebook page and encourage friends to sign up!
  • Nonprofit groups who serve at the state fair stand can earn money for their mission!  What about that board you serve on?  Would they like to earn money, do a little teamwork AND earn money for their mission?  
  •  Your daughter’s dance troop? The 4-H Club?  The soccer team? 
  • Your cousins?  Your gal pals?  Your fishing buddies? 
  • Those friends who love the fair and want to see it from another point of view. 

Everyone who serves gets free admission to the fair.  Four-hour or eight-hour shifts available. 

Here’s the link to fun at the fair!  https://wdmumc.org/group-pages/state-fair-stand/

Have fun!