Lord of Our After-Easter Days,

I want to hold on to Easter for a while.

I want to remember the moment when the stone rolled away.  I want to experience it like a weight lifted off our hearts. 

I want to stare into an empty tomb and know you have gathered up all that we fear and emptied our burdened souls. 

I want to wait in the darkness, just at the edge of dawn, and see the sun come up over rooftops and let those first rays shine on my face, a fresh morning making its way to us. 

I have been in the sanctuary this morning and the scent of the lilies has filled up the room. I want that scent to linger.   Their blossoms are open like trumpets ready to sound the good news.  I want to imagine trumpet blasts, bold and loud, announcing “Christ has risen!” 

I want to remember the taste of communion bread and the sip of juice and see hands reaching out to receive and hear the words “Bread of Heaven, Cup of Salvation, for you.”  For me, for us. 

And I want to recognize you the way we did on Easter morning, close and fresh, renewing us all. 

I want to rise in hope and joy with Christ in spirit.

I want to live Easter for a while, I hope forever. 


Pastor Cindy

Pastor Cindy Hickman, Child of Easter

West Des Moines United Methodist Church
720 Grand Ave
West Des Moines, Iowa 50265

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Adventure of a Lifetime!


Families—it’s that time again: Summer Camp Season! Iowa United Methodist Camps are open for summer registration. We have two campsites: Wesley Woods in Indianola and Lake Okoboji. You can register for camp here: iaumc.org/camps. You can also read about the implementation of covid protocols for our kids as each site prepares for our young people to encounter God in fresh ways and have an adventure of a lifetime! As you register your kids for camp, go ahead and mark the church down to contribute $100 for each child — the camps will bill the church directly for that portion. As we build up our Campership Fund, we may even be able to contribute more!

Adults who love camp but aren’t going this year—I invite you to be a blessing to camp families this year by contributing to our church’s Campership Fund! Most camps are about $500/child. Let’s all contribute together to help keep the costs lower for our families so they can experience God’s love and grace at summer camp. Simply send a check to the church and note that it’s for camperships!