Good morning church, 

Quick announcement: It’s Thursday morning and holy smokes it is cold outside! I took my youngest, Evarly, to daycare this morning and the wind was too much for both of us. I suppose we better prepare ourselves for a cold weekend. Last night the weather app on my phone said we should expect a low of -17 on Sunday morning with a windchill of -30! We had some of you reach and ask about worship with how cold it is. After some discussion among church leadership, we have decided to move our return to in-person worship to Sunday, February 21st. If you have registered already, you will automatically be registered for the 21st. If you won’t be able to make it to worship, let me know! We have 17/25 seating units reserved. If you haven’t registered for worship yet, you can do so here:

It’s going to be cold so please be sure to check on your neighbors!

Devotion: I’ve included an attachment of a very short story my oldest daughter Audrey wrote when she was 6, titled, “Sun Queen and Moon Queen.” I’ve typed the words below but of course, it’s way cooler in her handwriting (attached): 

Sun Qween and Moon Qween
by Audrey Vaughn

Sun Qween was sunny but Moon Qween was dark. They were sisters but they did not get along. They are Sun Qween and Moon Qween they’ll never get along said the mom and the dad. They fight in the night and in the morning. It will never end. 

Fairly perceptive for a six-year-old. You know how siblings are, one minute they are at each other’s throats and the next minute they are giggling and cuddling on the couch. It seems like I notice the fighting more than I do the times they are getting along. As a parent, I need to pause and notice the good more. I’ve got some pretty good kids, even if they do “fight in the night and in the morning.” 

I was working very late at the church last night with the youth group and trying to finish preparing the tech with Jerry Slagter when my middle child Averie face-timed me after they finished dinner. She told me how she and Audrey had a “debate” at dinner. I assumed that meant they got into a fight — you know, typical Sun Qween and Moon Qween stuff — so I asked what they fought about. Averie replied, “Not a fight dad, a debate. We debated whether spoons were better or forks were better.” She went on to tell me about the arguments for each side. She mentioned how a couple of times the debate almost turned into a fight but they held their composure. When I asked who won the debate she was quick to say that mom called it a draw so they could all go watch a movie together. The shift from fighting to debating gives me hope that the sun and the moon can get along, especially when they see each others’ value. 

A pastor friend recently told me they don’t always “solve the problem” in their sermons because often the people have much better takeaways than they could ever come up with. So… I’d love to hear any takeaways you have from this devotion and whether you are #teamspoon or #teamfork or something else altogether. 

Pastor Trevor

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