Together for Joy.

That’s our theme for our Generosity Campaign this year.  For the last few weeks, members of the church have been receiving mailings encouraging them to pledge to support the church in the year ahead.  I hope you will make a pledge. Your support makes our church and our ministries possible.


Early in the morning, my old hound, Ike, gets up, goes outside, eats his breakfast, and then hops in bed with us.  We do not let him sleep with us, but in the early mornings, he gets in bed with us.  He just wants to be together with his family.  Together is important, even for an old dog. 

We humans, know that too. The Holy Spirit has created the church as a place where people are together. 

Together in covenant groups.

Together last Saturday when we baptized a two-month-old girl and promised to be together for her entire life. 

Together on trips to Cuba and Detroit, and last week in Argentina through a zoom mission trip. 

Together packing food for Meals from the Heartland. 

Together with those who grieve on Monday morning when we ring the bell as a memorial to those who have died from Covid.

Together when we send out a prayer request on our prayer chain.

Together with the kids at Hillside Elementary when we read with them, and now together as our Reading Buddies ministry shifts to pen pals!

Together in grief, sheltering those who have lost a loved one. 

During this pandemic we are discovering just how important together is as we look through nursing home windows to see our loved ones, and as we can only see our grandchildren through face time on our cell phones, and as we worry for a friend with asthma and do all we can to honor her vulnerable health.  We are all discovering the power of together during this time when in so many ways our in-person together has become limited.

Together is the core value of the church, our deepest commitment.  Soul linked to soul, pandemic or not, we are the Body of Christ, together with God and neighbor. 


We have a purpose.  We are for something.  My toddler grandson is just discovering what a spoon is for.  Sometimes a spoon is for scooping up yogurt, but sometimes it is for banging on his plate like a drum, and sometimes is it for throwing on the floor and seeing if Grandma or the dog gets to it first. 

The church is for ministry.  For the world.  For God’s mission.  We have a purpose. 


Last Saturday one of the children of our church was in the sanctuary. She borrowed her mother’s cell phone and walked all around the sanctuary taking pictures of every stain glass window.  Why did she do that?  Because this is her church.  Because she feels safe here.  Because she is inspired by the beauty of the church.  Because in the church, she is free.  As the church, we provide that sense of security for her.   And that is joy. 

This is the deep-soul, character-defining joy that emerges when we know we are following Christ and living as God wants us to.  This joy changes the world.  This joy changes us.  This joy warms us.  This joy opens us to possibilities.  This joy is peace and justice. This joy moans on Good Friday and shouts “Hallelujah” on Easter morning.  

We are West Des Moines United Methodist Church.  We are together for joy. 


Pastor Cindy

Pastor Cindy Hickman

West Des Moines United Methodist Church
720 Grand Ave
West Des Moines Iowa 50265

Let’s worship together!  On-Line Sunday at 9:30 and posted all week long.

This week at WDMUMC:

Generosity Sunday!  On Sunday between 11 and 12:30, you are invited to drop off your pledge card at the church.  This is a drive-by.  The pastors and the Generosity team will be there to greet you.  If you have already sent your card—Thank you!

Looking for Scripture Readers for Sunday Morning!  Would you be willing to read scripture for our online worship?  Hollie arranges for readers each week and she is always looking for new voices.  Simply reply to this email and we will send your name on to Hollie.  Thanks a bunch!