What are you hungry for?

This Sunday is World Communion Sunday.  That’s the day when the whole world holds out their empty hands

And Jesus places bread in them and says “Here, this is me. Let me fill your hunger.” 

We are so hungry. 

Today I talked with someone who is hungry for her old self, the one before the pandemic, the one that had energy and enthusiasm. 

I know a grandma who is hungry to hug her grandchildren.

There’s a couple who are hungry to sit in the sanctuary again and hear the organ and rest in the familiar. 

A friend stopped by today just to chat, and I realized how hungry I am for the ease of living we once had. 

Tonight the presidential candidates will debate.  I am hungry for civility and commitment to things that make a difference in the lives of real people. 

I sat at the stoplight this morning and looked over at the car beside me.  A young black woman was driving and I thought about how few people of color I know.  I am hungry to expel the racism in my soul and overcome the divisions in our world.

Today I learned of three people in our church family who have been diagnosed with COVID.  I am hungry for us all to breathe easy, free from the virus.  

I am hungry to understand myself and God better.  Hungry to set aside my judgments and my selfishness. Hungry to be about the work God has called me to.  

Hungry for a healthy world for my children and grandchildren and yours. 

We are so hungry. 

But we have this bread and this ancient story of a man who said: “Come and share in the bread.”  This is the bread that meets us in our hunger. This is the bread of sacrifice.  This is the bread of hope.  This is the bread of compassion.  When we ask “give us this day our daily bread,” this bread arrives sustaining us throughout the day and through the night. This bread is fresh each day. 

Sometimes this bread may only feel like breadcrumbs forming a tiny path we can follow, but still, breadcrumbs are enough. 

World Communion Sunday the whole world holds its hands out.  Picture that.  We are hungry, Jesus.  And the voice of Christ echoes through the ages “I am the bread of life.”  Hold out your hands and receive them. 


Pastor Cindy

Pastor Cindy Hickman

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And this Sunday–we are celebrating World Communion!  Get your bread and juice ready!  And watch your mail!  We are sending a recipe for bread and prayers for World Communion.