You are strong.  That is pretty much the message for this midweek.

I watch the people of the church and the way you have found a way during this time. 

I see you finding connections when so many connections have been restricted. 

I see how brave you are when there is so much fear in the air.

I see your courage in the face of anxiety that wants to worry us to death.

I see you asking good questions and searching for good answers, which is hard in this new territory where we have so little certainty to go on.  I think this is especially true of teachers and parents at this time as they seek the best educational experience for their children.  Pray for teachers, parents, and the children they love this week. 

I see your resilience, keeping on when on particular days we all want to run out into the streets and shout “I am so tired of this.” 

I see the joy in you.  Last week someone texted me and voiced their stand.  There was a curious joy in that.  Last night our church council met, discussed the current position of the church, and then as they were breaking up, seemed to pause just for a moment to appreciate one another, a sense of joy about being together. 

You are strong.

I think this all comes from a deep well of character found in every one of us.  In differing ways and at differing rates, God is helping us discover the depth of that well. 

It feels like a birthing, and labor pains are uncomfortable.  They take time.  This pandemic is not something any of us enjoys. 

But I think something is being born in us and among us, some new truth, some new understanding of who we are and what holds us together.   I am trusting God is doing what God does, loving us, and loving all creation.  And the strength released in that runs through you.

You are strong.

You may not be feeling that today.  I don’t feel strong every day, but God shows up in big and small ways opening up that well, digging deeper. 

You are strong.  That’s today’s message.   That is today’s hope. 


Pastor Cindy

Pastor Cindy Hickman
West Des Moines United Methodist Church
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This Week At WDMUMC

Climbing Mountains with Jesus That’s the title of the sermon for Sunday.  Jesus spent a lot of time in the mountains and those mountain experiences were some of his best ministry.  You can follow Jesus through the mountains by reading Matthew chapters 4, 5, 14, 15, 17, and 28.  On each mountain, something important happens.  We’ll talk about it on Sunday. 

Confirmation Worship Service!  This Sunday at 6:45 our students will be confirmed in a Parking Lot Worship Service.  The students (and their mentors) are: Dennese Devine (Morganne Reinboldt & Carolyn Cunningham), Nick Dreyer (Mark Willson), Izaac Hawkins (Brian Helland), Keaton Moll (Dave Hickman), Sam Pawlowski (Hollie Welch), and Ryan Stein (Jerry Slagter). If you would like to send a card of encouragement, you can send it in care of the church and we will get them to the students.  Many thanks to their mentors who walked with them this year!  We will also celebrate a baptism!

School Supplies!  Our missions team is gathering school supplies.  You can place them in the bin just inside the lower level entry.

The Upper Room for September-October is available.  You can pick up yours at the lower level entry or call the church and we will send you one. 

The Leadership Institute at Church of the Resurrection  Each year Church of the Resurrection hosts a leadership institute for church leaders.  It is always inspiring.  Thousands of church leaders attend.  Adam Hamilton preaches and offers his insights. This year it is on-line and that makes it more accessible and more affordable, just $49.  It will be held on September 24-25.  If you are interested you can register at  Scroll down to find the registration information.   

Cedar Rapids Cleanup Missions is pulling together two small trips to Cedar Rapids to help with cleanup from the derecho. Both trips will be only a one-day trip. One on a weekend and one during the week. Details TBD as planning has just begun. Please let Pastor Trevor or Marnie Stein know if you are interested.