Hello Church!

Since we are in a worship series about the mountains, let’s talk about high places for a moment. High places are wonderful. When on high places, you see the world from a new perspective. It’s stunningly beautiful. But there’s a journey to get to that high place.

Every time I’m out in Oregon, I take a trip to Multnomah Falls. It’s a beautiful waterfall coming off of Larch Mountain that is about 600 ft high. Looking up at it from the bottom is one thing, but looking down from the top is a whole new experience. The path up is a workout and my prayer life increases drastically as I struggle to get to the top. I have to convince myself a few dozen times not to turn around because I’m so worn out and exhausted. 

I turn into one of my children in the car asking, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” And God seems to tune me out. After enough whining maybe he says what we say to our children in the back seat, “Would you just trust me, we’ll be there soon!” But soon is not soon enough. And I’m beaten up, barely able to breathe, and wondering if the end will even justify the means. Then I reach the top. I put my feet in the ice-cold water and I look down over the terrifyingly gorgeous waterfall and I look out of the Columbia River. And I remember why I make this trek every time. And I remember why I keep walking when I feel like quitting. 

See, God ables us to walk in high places by giving us strength and being with us on the journey. The journey almost always involves some kind of adversity. Without hope, the journey doesn’t seem worth taking. By the way, the word “hope” in scripture isn’t the same as the wishy-washy maybe-but-unsure optimism that we see it used today. Hope is an indication of certainty. “Hope” and “Trust” are interchangeable. In the book of Habakkuk, the prophet says, “The sovereign Lord is my strength. He makes me able to walk on high places.”

May you trust in God so you can walk on high places this week. Don’t give up.

Grace and peace to you,
Pastor Trevor
Pastor Trevor Vaughn
West Des Moines United Methodist Church
720 Grand Ave.
West Des Moines, IA 50265


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