Good morning everyone,

Our old hound Ike sleeps beside our bed.  He is our alarm clock.  Sometime around 5:30, he gets up and shakes his entire body.  When he shakes, his ears flap and snap in a way that wakes us up every morning.   According to Ike, it’s time to go outside, come back in for breakfast, and then begin his morning nap.  Dave follows Ike down the stairs, as I get ready for the day. I can hear Dave opening the front door and getting the Des Moines Register.  Out the window, I can see Ike in the backyard.  The geraniums we planted on Saturday add a splash of red in the corner of our yard near the swing.

Inside Dave and I eat breakfast at the round oak table Dave gave me years ago as an anniversary gift.  Our fridge is covered with magnets from the places we have traveled to.  Pictures of our family are displayed on the shelves in the family room.  When our now all-grown-up daughters were children they created works of art, a painting of glasses filled with ice, and a drawing of a hand.  That was more than 20 years ago and those pictures still hang on the walls, memories of those little girls still very much in residence in this house.

This is our home and it greets us every morning and waits for us at the end of each day.  Home is more than a building. Home is both anchor and sanctuary, security and shelter.  Home is an expression.  This is who I am.  This is what matters to me.  Home is where we learn our first lessons of love.

As an adult, Jesus did not have a home.  It was something he sacrificed for his mission, but he seemed to enjoy visiting the homes of others.  He spent time in Peter’s home, he followed Zacchaeus home, and he spent time in the home of Mary and Martha.  He honored their homes, found sanctuary from his travels there, and enjoyed meals shared together.

Our church is in the home-creating business.

Months ago, we partnered with Habitat for Humanity and built panels for the walls of a house.  Those panels along with rafters and shingles and sheetrock and a lot of human sweat have now become a house.  And on May 11 the family, who shared in the building of this house, will receive the keys and that house will become a home.  The family who will live there will wake to its sounds each morning.  The magnets on their fridge will tell their story.  Pictures of their family will adorn its walls. Within its walls (and the panels we built), their children will create works of art and memories.  Anchor, sanctuary, security, shelter.  They can plant a lilac bush in the yard and know they will be there to see it bloom year after year.  The equity of a home can send a child to college.

You are invited to the dedication of this home.  On May 11 at 11 am at 2426 Saylor Road, Des Moines, you can watch the miracle as a house becomes a home.

Thanks be to God.  Anchor, sanctuary, security, shelter.


Pastor Cindy

Pastor Cindy Hickman

720 Grand Avenue
West Des Moines Iowa 50265

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