Hello friends!

This is Holy Week.  I like that.  We so easily forget that we are holy.  You, right now wherever you are, whatever you are facing, there is a sacredness about you, the breath of God flowing in you, that makes you holy.

Each week when our confirmation students meet we ask the question:  “how is it with your soul?”  In the daily zoom of life, we can forget that we even have souls.  “How is it with your soul?” the seventh graders ask one another and then they each answer with concerns about school or friendships or family.  Slowly throughout the year, listening to one another’s souls, we get to know one another.  And in a curious holy way, God draws us closer to one another.  Sacred.

So this is Holy Week, a time to ask “how is it with your soul?”  A time to follow Jesus to Easter and let our souls cringe at the sound of crowds shouting “Crucify him.”  And at the foot of the cross, let our souls weep as he breathes his last.  And then our souls will mourn outside the tomb, the coldness of a stone blocking us from Christ.  And then on Easter Sunday, our souls shout “Hallelujah!”  There is a holy rising that gives us life.

All the while knowing that on Monday we will take our souls back to our office, or school, or the soccer fields, back to our routines.  Next week will not be Holy Week on the calendar, but it will be holy, because you and I, we carry the sacredness of God within.   Hallelujah!


Pastor Cindy

Pastor Cindy Hickman

West Des Moines United Methodist Church
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We will celebrate Easter this Sunday with worship traditional services at 8:30 and 10:30.  Both services will conclude with the Hallelujah Chorus. Christ is risen!

The News this Week at WDMUMC

Midweek Refuel Tonight!  Supper is on at 5:30!  Ham balls and cheesy potatoes are on the menu along with the salad bar and amazing deserts.  Our free will offering supports Everybody Eats! Our commitment to eliminating hunger in our community.

The Last Supper Drama On Thursday evening at 7 pm the Last Supper Drama will be presented during an evening worship service.  You are invited to hear each of the disciples testify.  Following the drama, we will share in communion.  Come and be part of this moving experience.

Good Friday Worship On Friday we will follow the final events of Christ’s life in readings and exceptional music.  Come and experience Christ’s witness to love.  Let the words of scripture and inspiring music carry us to Easter.