Hello everyone!

The countdown is on!  A new year begins in less than 10 hours!

Looking back, how was 2018? What were the joys?  How did you grow?  When did you most feel God’s presence?

Looking ahead, what are your hopes for 2019?  How do you want to journey with God in the year ahead?

Yesterday in worship I handed out a New Year’s Prayer, and I have attached it to this email.  I hope you will take the time to reflect and pray.  We are on the threshold of a new year, lots of memories to cherish, all sorts of possibilities in the future, lots of opportunities to enjoy and support one another, and lots of grace to carry us through.  Happy New Year to you.


Pastor Cindy

Pastor Cindy Hickman

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This Sunday at WDMUMC:

What’s your story?  We will begin a new sermon series and that’s the question:  what IS your story?  We will be following the story of Joseph in Genesis and comparing his story to ours.  Does he begin life as a spoiled tattletale?  Can a child like that turn out all right?  Come and enjoy the story!