Sometimes the very thing we need is right in front of us.  Our hearts might whisper “I need friendship,” “I need hope,”  “I need encouragement,” “I need laughter” and the answer is closer than we realize.

Today a bunch of the retired guys from the church met for lunch.

One of the circles had a holiday party.

Santa stopped by to visit the preschool.

Our mission team reported that 45 toys, a bag of hats and gloves, a bag of socks, $150 in checks and approx. $1250 in gift cards were delivered to West Des Moines Human Services.  Our preschool families joined in and collected box of hygiene supplies too.

And each day, the church staff is working to get the church ready for you and ready for Christmas.  I get to work with this amazing bunch.

“I need friendship.”  “I need hope.” “I need encouragement.”  “I need laughter.” Sometimes the answer is as close as simply looking around.  God’s good gifts surround us.

Merry Christmas to you from the staff of WDMUMC!

From left to right:  “Angel Rachel Olson, “Wise Person #1” Tonia Mateer, “Star” Pastor Cindy, Mary Angela Rothfus, “Joseph” Morganne Reinboldt, “Shepherd” Nancy Setchell and “Wise Person #2” Linda Plummer.  Note: these wise persons brought practical gifts, soup and a cup of coffee.

PS:  Thank you for the wonderful basket of “relaxation.”  I loved it!


Pastor Cindy

Pastor Cindy Hickman

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This week at WDMUMC:

Midweek Re-Fuel!  Hot Beef Sundaes for dinner!  Great comfort food! And lots of activities for all ages all evening.

Sunday Worship:  God promises us joy.  This Sunday we will look at joy in the most unlikely of places.  Constance Cohen, retired Judge from the 5th Judicial District will tell us how she has seen joy in the juvenile courts.  Read Zephaniah 3:14-20 to prepare.

Blue Christmas  For those who have experienced loss this year, Christmas may not be a time of excitement and celebration.  On Monday December 17 at 6:30 we will hold a “blue” Christmas service. Also we have a blue Christmas tree in the café and you are invited to write the name of a loved one or the loss you are feeling on an ornament and hang it on the tree.  God is present in our sorrows.