Do you look forward to the future?  Not just the weekend ahead or Christmas, but the big future, what is coming toward us?

I love the prophets in the Old Testament.  Elijah, Nathan, Isaiah, Micah, Deborah, Ezekiel, Amos and more.   They were these curious, quirky realists, who were completely unafraid to see what was actually happening in the world, the rumble and the roar, the human not-so-goodness.  And in the midst of the mess, they also heard God LOUD AND CLEAR!  And once they heard what God was saying, it was impossible to silence them.  They spoke the truth of God, never mind what people would think.  They spoke against greed and for generosity.  They pointed out selfishness and pointed toward mercy.  They held up a mirror even if no one really wanted to look into it.

I bet they were not invited to many parties.

And despite all this, as I read the prophets, they all seemed excited about the future.  Even in the middle of a disaster, they pointed out on the horizon and declared that God was on the way. They were warriors for hope.  They use the word “will” a lot.

Micah 5:4   He will stand and shepherd his flock in the strength of the Lord,
in the majesty of the name of the Lord his God.
They will dwell secure,
because he will surely become great throughout the earth;
he will become one of peace.

During this season of Advent, the prophets seem to show up again, pointing toward Christmas and all the Christmases beyond.  Something good is on the way.  The will of God.  We can look forward to the future.  Even if we are curious, quirky realists, we can look forward to the future and God will find us.

Every blessing to you in this season of Advent,

Pastor Cindy

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