Hello everyone,

Our sermon series this month is called Life, according to Jesus. And we have been following Jesus through the scripture, looking at how he lived.  Last Sunday life, according to Jesus, was about healing.  Each of us has a part in the healing of the world. Today I want to offer two opportunities to get involved in some healing work.  They might surprise you.

Dr. Jones from Hillside, our neighborhood elementary school, contacted me this week.  He is looking for a “book enthusiast” who could volunteer in the school library at Hillside shelving books.  The librarian teaches throughout the day, has little extra time, and shelving books is an on-going burden.  That may not sound like healing, but ask a tired teacher what he or she needs and the answer is generally “help!”  Volunteering in the library would be a great help, a kind of healing.  Getting to know the librarian and building a new relationship, that’s a kind of healing too. This just might be a mutual healing–both the librarian and the volunteer finding peace in this.  Contact me if you are the “book enthusiast” Dr. Jones is looking for!  (We require background checks for all persons who work with children.  We can easily do that here at the church.) 

On Sunday afternoon at 4 pm, Music and More on Grand will present “WDM UMC’s Got Talent.”  Fifteen talented individuals and groups from our church and beyond will sing and play instruments and dance (Yes!  Methodists CAN dance!).  Music is a healing balm for our souls.  So come and let your soul be soothed!  Even better, bring two friends, maybe people who don’t get out a lot, or people who feel left out.  Let this fun afternoon heal them too.

Throughout the week WDMUMC is in the business of healing, from the AA program to our extensive work in hunger, to the SHIPP program that “heals” Medicare worries.  Healing is a good gift from God that leads to joy and we each get to play a part.  Thanks be to God.

See you on Sunday.


Pastor Cindy

Pastor Cindy Hickman

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