Good morning friends,

This Saturday at 5:30 we are celebrating a baptism.  The parents of a two-month-old little girl are bringing her before God and the church to celebrate her life and bless her on her way as a Child of God, a disciple in training.  (I am not sharing her name because this message is eventually posted on Facebook and I want to offer the family some sense of privacy.)

We typically have baptisms on Sunday morning during worship.  But that doesn’t work for this family.  Loved ones are traveling to Des Moines from across the country and this baptism needs to happen on Saturday evening.

We are not baptized into the church building or the pastor.  We are baptized into the church community.  That’s where you come in.  The church needs to surround this little girl.  As you are able and available, come and join in the celebration.

And in addition to this, you are invited (again as you are able) to bring a baby gift.  The gifts not for this little girl.  She is surrounded by a loving family and has all she needs.  Her very first ministry on the evening of her baptism is reminding us that not all children have what she has.  The gifts that we bring will be given to the Zero-3 Program for infants and toddlers who are in foster care.  The director of the Zero to 3 program tells me they need diapers, wipes, bottles, Similac (in the blue can), blankets and maybe some small toys.  You can also bring books for the 2-4-2 Program.  For the 2-4-2 program bring two identical books.  One book goes with the child to their foster home.  The other goes with the parent.  Foster families arrange for a phone call between the child and their parent and during that call the parent reads the book over the phone to the child.  It is a way of keeping child and parent connected, even under difficult circumstances.  If you have already bought cute little baby things, that’s fine too.  All of these things will be given to children who need them.  You do not need to wrap them.

Why do this?

Because the church is for the people and we can rearrange our lives to meet the needs of others.

Because baptism is a glorious wonderful thing.

Because babies are glorious and wonderful too.

Because we are grateful for both.

Because we are disciples and we care.

Because Jesus has empowered us to change the world, and this is a start.

I am excited.


Pastor Cindy

Pastor Cindy Hickman
West Des Moines United Methodist Church
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West Des Moines, Iowa 50265

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