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Here are WDMUMC we are in the second week of our Stewardship Campaign.  Earn. Save. Give. Healthy disciples, healthy church, healthy world.  My challenge this week is to write a sermon on what we earn.  I have to admit I haven’t thought a lot about what I earn and how that is linked to my faith.  I think a lot about what I give.  I tithe 12% of my income.  But I haven’t thought about what I earn, or if I deserve it.

This all has me thinking about my first job.  Do you remember your first job?  I was 14 years old when I began working in the kitchen of the local hospital from 4-7 pm.  As soon as school was out, I hurried to the hospital.  I put on a lime green uniform and a hairnet (ugh) and went to the hot steamy kitchen where I worked with the cook and two other teens to prepare the supper meal for the staff and the patients.

I had no idea what I was doing. Fortunately, I had compassionate co-workers who taught me how to work.  I learned to peel potatoes and wash lots of pots and pans and dishes.

There is a minor miracle in this.  I learned that I could have an impact on the world around me.  I learned that my work could be valued.  I think this is an essential rite of passage from childhood to adulthood.  We learn to work.

For my work, I was paid the minimum wage at the time:  $1.25 an hour.  The other teens and I thought we were rich.  With our earnings, we could go to the movies and the A&W.  If we saved for a few weeks, we could buy a new pair of jeans.

There were adults who worked alongside us.  I am sure they had more important things to spend their money on.  It amazes me to think they worked a 40 hour week for $50.  Today the minimum wage in Iowa is $7.25.  Work a 40 hour week and earn $290.

So what was your first job?  How much were you paid?  Did you earn it?  I wonder about what we are paid and what we deserve and what is valued and what this all has to do with faith.  I don’t find any evidence of Jesus ever receiving a paycheck.  What did he deserve?  Is his work valued?

So I am off to read and pray and ponder and (hopefully, eventually) write a sermon.   That’s my work today.  Hope to see you on Sunday and we will see where this all leads.

Every blessing to you,

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