Good morning friends!
Last night around 6 in the evening I was working here at the church.  (Thank you, church for my lovely office.  I feel very at home in this space.)  I could hear laughter from the hallway.

Out the window, I saw people making their way across the parking lot.  Some were coming for AA.  Some were on their way to the Safety and Security meeting.  A covenant group was meeting on lawn chairs in front of the church.  The Missions Team was gathering and they would later welcome an international missionary.  The Des Moines Diversity Chorus sang together in the Fellowship room.  I met with a family to talk about a baptism.  Later a young couple came to talk about their wedding.

It was the laughter that touched my heart.  To gather together in a place that welcomes us and find joy in one another’s company.  There is such health in that.

All of this happened on the eve of the anniversary of 911.  Seventeen years ago we watched in horror as the lives of thousands of people came to an end.  Today thousands will remember and grieve.  We remember too and we pray for peace.

On Easter Sunday we talk about resurrection. The stone is rolled away from the tomb, the tomb is empty, and Jesus greets Mary in the garden.

We personalize that story and it is personal.  We look toward our own resurrection.  We trust in the resurrection of our loved ones.  But I think we make God too small if we confine resurrection to individuals.

I believe resurrection is a public story too.  I believe God is always at work resurrecting us all, neighborhood, community, world.  And God is always equipping us to work together for the common good so that all of creation might experience resurrection.  This is always happening around us. So familiar, we are often blind to it.  So subtle and gentle, we barely notice.  So right, it gives us life.

So on this 911 anniversary, I look around for resurrection, for the rising up of grace among the people God loves so much.

Last night I heard resurrection in the laughter in the halls of this place we call church.

Thanks be to God.


Pastor Cindy

Pastor Cindy Hickman

West Des Moines United Methodist Church
720 Grand Avenue
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