Hello everyone!

The church has mobilized!  We are now in ministry at the Iowa State Fair.  As you read this, the Wednesday crew is serving up breakfast sandwiches and walking tacos.  So, a prayer for the state fair,

Holy God,

You are the God of cattle and sheep, of gladiolas and pumpkins, of animals and people, the Lord of all.

For the next ten days, people will travel from far and near to the Iowa State Fair.

We will be there too, supporting our church and representing you to the people we meet and in all that we do. So Lord, we pray that you might,

Bless the 4-H students who bring their projects and hope for blue ribbons.  Bless all the ribbons, no matter what color.

Bless those who bring their sheep or hogs or cattle or rabbits.  Bless their hard work.

Bless the carnival workers who arrive from who knows where and at the end of the fair will drive off to who knows where.  (You know where Lord.)  In their nomad life, bless.

Bless the hawkers in the Varied Industry building.  Bless the sellers of hot tubs and apple strudel and hand-made furniture.

Bless the butter cow and the one who carved it and thousands to walk by to marvel.

Bless the campers who build a neighborhood just for the fair.

Bless those who will win the hog calling and the fiddle contest and chainsaw carving.

Bless the stages where the weary will sit and rest their feet and listen to music.

Bless the horse shows and the century farms.

Bless the antique engines and the Pork Producers and the Egg Council.

Bless the ones that will hold hands in the darkness of the Old Mill or on top of the sky ride.

Bless the noise and the smells.

Aren’t we a funny bunch, Lord? Bless us all.

And bless the other side of the fair, the workers who come late at night to clean after all the fairgoers have gone.

Bless the people who will pick up the trash and clean the restrooms and stand at gates taking the tickets.

Bless the children who will cry because it is SO HOT and the revelers who will drink too much.

Bless those who might face loss or even abuse at the fair.  (We, people, can hurt each other.)

Bless those who can’t make it to the fair this year and those who miss them.

Bless, because that is who you are.

Bless because we are a people in need of your holy presence.

Bless because whether we are at the fair or the grocery store or in our homes, we belong to you.

Bless us in a way prods us to bless others.

As we hand over cups of coffee, slices of pie, and Stew’s Big Boy Breakfast, may we hand over grace.

Find us at the fair, Lord, and find us faithful.

In the name of Jesus, who loved to gather with others, in his name, Amen.

Amen!  See you at the fair!

Pastor Cindy

Pastor Cindy Hickman

West Des Moines United Methodist Church (now on location at the state fair)
720 Grand Avenue
West Des Moines Iowa 50265

We worship at 8:30 and 11 and you are invited!

This week at WDMUMC

Help Needed with Booster Paks on Thursday! Drivers are needed to deliver Booster Paks to Hillside Elementary from Learning Resource Center on Thursday mornings. This ministry provides food for hungry people.  Contact Janet at 865-2670 if you can help!  

Worship this Sunday!  One service at 9:30!  And a potluck to follow!  Bring a main dish or a side dish or a dessert!