This morning, there are 16 items on my to-do list, things that need to be done.  Each item will help organize the church.  They will inform and connect and prepare. I wake up early, stress over this list, and arrange my life around it.  Important in my eyes.

But I stare at it this morning and I wonder how important these things are to you.

I wonder if they are my attempt to organize a world you have already exquisitely ordered.  I wonder if this list is my attempt to feel like I am making progress, that I have some importance in the world.  A false assurance born of a piece of paper and an ink pen. You are so much more.

I wonder if this list is born of your Holy Spirit or simply launched by my anxiety.

Will the list further your kingdom?  Will it demonstrate your grace?  Will the inventory of peace in the world increase?  If I complete each task and joyfully scratch it off my to-list, will the people around me feel loved?  You have asked me to love.

Wondering all that, today I want to pay attention.

To listen like Christ.

To watch closely.   To see who you send me.  To speak and act with kindness.  Kindness is not on my to-do list.  Has kindness been sacrificed for efficiency?

To wonder with awe and reverence about what fresh new thing you might be doing today.

Too often, I surrender my hours and my days, my moment-by-moment breath, to the list.  Today I am hoping for a different sort of surrender.

I want to surrender to the movement of grace.  To the way, the earth takes on a kaleidoscope of color and texture that is you in action in the world.   Is my list, you in action?  Can it be?

Bless my list, Lord.

Make my work, yours.  Make my work, an expression of you.

The day is before us. Lord.  Bless me.


Pastor Cindy

Pastor Cindy Hickman

West Des Moines United Methodist Church
720 Grand Avenue
West Des Moines Iowa 50265

This Week at WDMUMC:  

You’re Among Friends, our sermon series continues on Sunday.  God has given us this amazing planet and friends to share it with.  Come on Sunday and we’ll talk more about what it means to be a friend.

Need some exercise?  Want to exercise with a joyous bunch?  Tonight (Wednesday) at 6:30 Holly will lead Pounding and Prayer.  Drumsticks and a workout.  You can work at your own pace.  Fun guaranteed.

Visioning Update:  We are thinking about our future and our visioning team is meeting each Thursday.  Last Thursday we talked about our building and its upkeep and maintenance. This week we will review the 120+ surveys we have received from members of our family.  Next week we will have a four-hour retreat and draw our conclusions.  We will keep informed as we move forward.  Please keep this work in your prayers.