Good morning!

Here at West Des Moines United Methodist Church, we are right in the middle of a three-week sermon series about friendship.  I hope you are celebrating what an ingenious God-designed invention friendship is.

A few weeks ago I was with a friend and we were talking about what we had been doing and she said: “I don’t even know why I am friends with you.”

That sounds harsh, but I know why she said it.

I read a lot, (a lot) mostly historical novels, but sometimes nerdy books.  She reads mysteries.

I like movies about historical events.  She likes goofy comedies.

I like to visit presidential libraries.  She likes the state fair.

I am serious, an introvert actually.  She is more fun, an extrovert.

When she wondered why we are friends, I think I had just told her about a nerdy book I just read.  And because we are friends and we CAN say anything to each other, after she made that comment we went right on talking and doing whatever we had planned for the evening.

But I thought about her comment.  Why are we friends?

Friendship goes beyond common interests.  To walk side by side with someone is an amazing thing.  Having a good friend means living an expanded life and seeing the world through the eyes of someone else.  Friends lead us into places and ways of thinking, we wouldn’t have gone on our own.  Friends have taught me about cross-country skiing and Little Libraries and beauty and hot air balloons.  And hope and change and faith.

I called her the next day.  “I know why we are friends,” I said.  “Because we both believe the world can become a better place.”  And living into a better world is best shared with a friend.

So, think about one of your friends.  Why are you friends?  Ponder and pray about it.  I think you will discover some really amazing treasures.

Blessings!  See you Sunday.

Pastor Cindy 

Pastor Cindy Hickman
West Des Moines United Methodist Church
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We worship at 8:30 and 11 on Sunday.  You are invited!

This week at WDMUMC:

Kid Talk!  Youth who have just completed fifth and sixth grade are invited to help Pastor Cindy plan our July Sermon series:  KidTalk, what kids have to say about God and faith and the church.  We are meeting tonight at 5:30.  Pizza and conversation.  Hope to see you there!

Pounding and Prayer!  Tonight at 7 pm!  Get into action and get some exercise!  Holly will get us moving!

Visioning Update.  Last week we talked about our spiritual practices.  Do we spend enough time in prayer and worship?  Are we growing as disciples?  How does the church promote spiritual growth?  Big questions as we move forward.  This week we will tour the building and look at the challenges and opportunities of our physical plant.  The visioning process will conclude on June 21 and we will be bringing plans and proposals to the church.

By the way—you may have heard talk of changing worship times.  We DO need to make more space for people to worship, but we will wait until we have a new music director on board before we make any changes.  No changes are planned at this time and we will keep you posted.