On Sunday we begin a new sermon series, “You’re among friends.”  We will be looking at friendship and the amazing way God connects us to one another.

My first friend was Laurel.  She had brown hair, was just getting her primary teeth, and she had a Barbie doll.  My mom babysat for her when we were in kindergarten.  At that time, we did not know that walking home together from Mrs. Elliot’s kindergarten was beginning of a 60-year friendship.  Laurel’s family invited me to join them on summer vacations to the Black Hills and Colorado.  We roomed together our first year of college.  When she married Steve I stood beside her, and when I married Dave she stood beside me.  Off we went to different states to live and raise our families.   Months would pass and we would not talk or see one another, and then she would come to Iowa on a visit or I would find my way to Kansas City, and our friendship would take up right where it left off, the conversation easy.

The practical need for childcare brought us together, but something far beyond that has kept us together.


The presence of God that draws us to one another.  Acceptance, caring, commitment, encouragement.  God, in between you and me.  God always posing the question, “What does love look like now?”  Friendship is really the Research & Development Department of love.  We cannot choose our family, but friendship is a choice.  It is a deliberate act of caring, giving and receiving.

Through my friendship with Laurel, I have learned to love the journey of friendship, the changes, and challenges we all face. I have seen the evolution of our character, both Laurel’s and mine revealing who we really are and what is important to us.  And Laurel is strong.  I have been inspired by her strength.  (I wonder what she sees in me!)

So beginning this Sunday, we will celebrate friendship.  You have homework to prepare.  I would like you to think of your first friend.  Spend some time remembering and reflecting.   And then, spend time in prayer and thank God for your first friend and the gift of friendship.

See you Sunday.

Every blessing to you,

Pastor Cindy

Pastor Cindy Hickman

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