Good morning!

Sunday was wonderful.  Nearly 600 people came together at the church to celebrate Easter.  The music was beautiful.  Prayers soared to heaven.  We shared communion and dipped our hands in the baptismal bowl.  We read the story of the first Easter and imagined an empty tomb and a Risen Christ.

I preached about baggage,

  • that we all have it,
  • that Jesus carried it to the cross,
  • that the empty tomb means our baggage has been transformed, forgiven, redeemable.  Our baggage and everyone else’s baggage acceptable to God.
  • that through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, we have all been made holy, worthy of our place in the universe, needed and necessary in God’s plan for the world.

We celebrated Easter and now it is time to live it.

Look around.  What does living Easter look like in your life? A Risen Christ who goes before us, our lives made holy and usable by God, the impossible becomes possible.

We’ll leave it there today.  What does living Easter look like in your life?


Pastor Cindy

Pastor Cindy Hickman
West Des Moines United Methodist Church
720 Grand Avenue, West Des Moines, IA 50265

This week at West Des Moines United Methodist Church

Tonight!  Wednesday Night Live with supper at 5:30!  Bible Study at 5, Confirmation, Praise Band rehearsal at 6:15.  All sorts of ways to grow in faith.

Worship at 8:30 (Traditional) and 11 (Casual).  Get ready for some fun!  The Des Moines Big Band Combo lead us in music at both services.  Our sermon series “Where are we going?” will kick off.  Lots of good, good things ahead!  Come and enjoy!