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 How to sign up for a shared 8-hour shift at the State Fair Stand Minimize


If for any reason, you do not want to work a full 8-hour shift, here are alternatives: 

1. Split the 8-hour shift by inviting a partner, friend, associate, or anyone age 16 and over to work the other part of your shift.  You might work the first 4 hours and they work the second 4 hours.  Or any length you agree on, for example, 3 hours and 5 hours (or any combination as long as it totals 8 hours or more). 

2. What will not work is for both of you to work the same 4 hours, unless; 

3. A group of 4 partners up.  For example, you and your partner work the same 4 hours, and the other 2 in your team work the 2nd four hours. 

Sign-Up Logistics – 

You and your co-volunteers pair up to fill the 8-hour shift and sign up on the same line (works the same for Board sign-up or on line sign up).   The volunteers on the same line will fulfill the 8-hour shift.  If there are only two of you, one works the first half of the shift, and the other works the second half. 

If there are 4 of you that want to work as couples at the same time - remember we are treating a line on the sign-up as an 8-hour shift.  For example, let’s take spouses Larry and Nancy who wish to serve on the same 4-hour shift.  We agree to split our shift with Jack and Phyllis.  Here we go on the sign-up entry:

1.      Larry and Jack on the same line to share one 8-hour shift.

2.     Nancy and Phyllis on the next line to share a second 8-hour shift. 

The idea is to prevent ending up with 11 volunteers working the first 4 hours and shorting the next 4 hours with only 9 staff filling a 10 person eight-hour shift. 

Too confusing – just make sure you are not doubling up on a portion of the shift, and burdening the last portion of the shift by shorting the 8-hour shift. 

Questions? – Please ask!

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 2017 State Fair Stand - Other Opportunities Where You Can Help Minimize

How can I help without actually working a shift AT the State Fair Stand?

We have a number of important tasks you can assist with to help in this important mission of our church.  Perhaps one of these calls you: 

* Transportation, as needed, for Fair Stand workers:

                 Pick up workers at State Fair gate at 10:00 PM

* Errand runners:  If you’re a good go-for—we want you!  Variety of errands around town…               

* Phone callers:  Reminding volunteers of their shift times 

Recruitment of volunteers

* Laundry:  Washing towels and aprons (they can be picked up at the church) 

* Writing Thank you notes—for so many things. 

* End of the Fair Party Planning! For all the 2017 volunteers.

Click on the green "Sign Up Today!" button below to volunteer.

 The State Fair Stand

The Iowa State Fair is the undisputed greatest state fair anywhere, and of course it's known for great food. There's one location where that food comes along with an even greater sense of purpose – changing lives in the Name of Jesus Christ.  At the West Des Moines United Methodist food stand, proceeds from this fundraiser are given each year to a variety of wonderful causes.

Ours is the last remaining permanent food stand operated by a church or christian organization. In years past the main drag was lined with various church food stands, but the overhead costs and staffing have forced all the others to close.  Each year, over 150 members serve in the food stand to keep the ministry alive. Serving fairgoers since 1949, our food stand is a thriving example of what careful planning, teamwork and awesome cooks can accomplish.

 How we looked in 1994 Minimize

 Going Strong Since 1949

Were you at the Iowa State Fair in 1949? If so, you may have seen the very first version of our food stand (shown above) which had hinged panels, canvass sides and awnings. While it was a far simpler operation back then, it was an ambitious undertaking. Notice it was located at the very same location our permanent structure sits today.

If you can identify anyone in this photo or have any information to share, please use the feedback form below.

 Fair Stand Comments

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