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 Worship Coordinating Council

Worship Coordinating Council - The Worship Coordinating Council supports, encourages, and directs leadership for worship services.  This group consults with the pastors in planning worship enhancements, incorporating various arts and traditions to enrich its practice, as well as conveying the meaning and purpose of worship and recruiting and training leaders within the different activities of worship.  Members of this group participate in worship meetings, volunteer for special projects and relay any observed concerns to the group.  Meetings are monthly on the second Tuesday of each month.

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 Committee Members Minimize

Chairperson - Sue Nielsen

Members -
Barb Ferguson
Brent Kouba
Sue Smith
Libby Powers
Jenny Blackford
Becky Daniels

Staff Pastor Cindy Hickman
Director of Music - Tom Sletto

Communion Coordinators - Dan & Janet Hayes
Paraments - Shirley Riley
Paraments - Judy Anderson
Paraments - Marilyn Mullin
Paraments - Barb Ferguson
Paraments - Pam Wagner
Visuals - Berneda Franson
Visuals - Libby Powers
Liturgist Coordinator - Jenny Daby
Usher Coordinators - Mike Meline 8:30 a.m.
Usher Coordinators - Position Open 11:00 a.m.
Acolytes Coordinator - Position Open
Sound Coordinator - Scott Benton/Jerry Slagter


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