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 Endowment Board

Did you know that over 80% of people make contributions to charitable organizations annually, but only 6% leave a bequest to those organizations on their death?  The overriding reason given for why this occurs is because they had not been asked! But what better way to perpetuate your commitment to your church?

The West Des Moines United Methodist Endowment was established in 1995.  Since that time it has been formed as a separate corporation, with its own bylaws and board.  It is a 501(C)(3) Charitable Organization, which makes all contributions tax deductible.

The Endowment Fund of the West Des Moines United Methodist Church assists the church in its mission of "changing lives in the name of Jesus Christ" for generations to come.  It provides money and support for church programs and activities.

Use of Assets and Income
The Endowment is a permanent fund derived from gifts and bequests.  The principal is invested prudently, and the income is used to help the church carry out its mission in vital and innovative ways.  Endowment income does not underwrite the annual budget of the church.  Funds are distributed to meet identified needs unless designated for a specific purpose.

 Endowment Fund

Endowment Board - The Endowment Board fulfills the objectives set forth in the charter and by-laws of the WDMUMC Endowment Fund.  The Endowment Board oversees the investments, promotes the growth of the fund and distributes the earnings from the fund for the benefit of the church.  Members of this group attend Endowment Board meetings and direct the work of the Board. The Board reports to the Church Council.  Meetings are held as needed. (Elect own officers)

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 Committee Members

Chairperson - Greg Fitts
Vice Chairpersons
Treasurer - Larry Sample
Secretary - Kristen Kouba

Greg Fitts
Bob Meyer

Jenny Blackford

Larry Sample

Ken Ferguson
Berneda Franson
Kristen Kouba

Sue Nielsen

Church Council Chairperson - Carol Litscher

Finance - Mike Powers
Planned Hostess - Lois McBroom
Stewardship - Jenny Blackford
Trustee - Gene McCoy
Staff - 
Pastor Cindy Hickman

 Endowment Funds' 20th Anniversary, 5/1/16 Minimize

 Endowment Reception May 4, 2014 Minimize

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